Bite into a Daelmans Stroopwafel, and you’ll see why this Dutch classic is now a worldwide favorite. Ever since we opened our family bakery in 1904, our commitment to quality has remained the key ingredient in every stroopwafel we bake. Each stroopwafel is crafted from freshly made dough, pressed in a waffle iron until golden brown, and filled with mouthwatering caramel.

Key Differentiators

Warm & Gooey Goodness

Our favorite way to enjoy a Daelmans Stroopwafel is to warm it up over a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea. Simply rest the stroopwafel on top of your cup, and in about two minutes, it will transform into a gooey, irresistible indulgence. The soft toasted waffle, warm caramel and notes of sweet cinnamon and Bourbon vanilla are sure to awaken all of your senses!

#1 selling Stroopwafel in USA and worldwide.

Authentic Dutch treat, family owned and operated bakery, over 100 years in business.

Unique connection to coffee consumption, fits perfectly on top of hot beverages.

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Add Daelmans Stroopwafels to your coffee menu, create new desserts, and delight your guests with an unexpected treat.

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