Sourcing & Logistics

  • Identify unique, premium quality products not commonly available in US
  • Deliver products to US customers under native brand names or private labels
  • Qualify manufacturing facilities for safety and reliability
  • Provide global logistic services that meet reliability and service standards required of US customers

Product Development
& Marketing

  • We offer Marketing and Merchandising support to build cohesive product lines, aggregating an array of manufacturers to meet customer needs
  • We lend expertise in product development, packaging engineering and graphics design to build compelling product portfolios that are optimized for US channels

Our Brands

Sales & Customer Support

  • Our products are available in leading US retail chains across all key channels nationwide.
  • Our Sales team collaborates with brokers across the US for both direct headquarter calls and regional and local points of sale.
  • Trained Customer Service Representatives handle customer contacts efficiently and professionally, serving both consumers and trade customers.

A Strong Point of Difference

We represent brands and products with a strong point of difference, relevant to US consumers. By offering a range of unique products in Biscuit, Snack, and Confectionery categories, we drive differentiation on your shelves, and turn routine categories into destination categories for your customers.

A Limitless Product Range

With a broad network of suppliers and deep knowledge of our categories. We offer what you need instead of what you manufacture. All suppliers are thoroughly vetted, to ensure adequate factory capacity, GFSI compliance, product quality, and experience supplying leading retailers worldwide.

Complexity Simplified

• One domestic US point of contact
• Turnkey overseas logistics management
• Management of multiple suppliers, reducing your administrative burden

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