Daelmans U.S. FACT SHEET


Daelmans Banket BV Inc.

Kerkstraat 48

5253 AP Nieuwkuijk

The Netherlands



The Brand Passport, Inc.

18 East 41 Street, Suite 1901

New York, N.Y. 10017





DESCRIPTION:  Soft, toasted wafers filled with caramel, cinnamon and real Bourbon vanilla, Daelmans stroopwafels (Pronounced STROOP-WAA-FELL) are available in three delicious varieties…Caramel, Honey and Maple.   

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?  Daelmans stroopwafels have earned a global reputation as the perfect complement to coffee, tea or your favorite hot beverage, owing to a particularly unique consumption ritual…stroopwafels can be warmed and softened when placed on top of your beverage! Rest a stroopwafel atop a cup of freshly poured, steaming hot coffee for about 2 minutes, and the heat from your coffee will warm the biscuit, soften the caramel and release the aroma of natural cinnamon and vanilla, transforming your waffle into a warm, sweet, melty treat!

PARENT COMPANY: Daelmans Banket BV is the leading Stroopwafel baker in the world, producing stroopwafels for sale in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. With three bakeries in Holland and one in the UK, Daelmans has 220 full-time employees and 13 modern production lines. All bakeries are HACCP, BRC and IFS approved.

IN THE US: Partnered with The Brand Passport, Inc. New York, N.Y., exclusive US importers and distributors, Daelmans customers span all major food channels and include Trader Joe’s, Cost Plus World Markets, Target, 7-Eleven, Wawa, Costco, Harris Teeter, Meijer, Albertson’s, HEB, Publix, Barnes & Noble Café’s, United Airlines plus finer independent food retailers across the US.


·         The stroopwafel was invented in Gouda, Netherlands in the late 18th century and has an English translation of “syrup waffles.” 

·         Stroopwafels are the most popular bakery product in The Netherlands, where consumers eat an average of 30 stroopwafels per year!

·         Daelmans has been in continuous operation since 1909, when Hermanus Daelmans started his local bakery in Vlijmen, Netherlands. Since that time, Daelmans has become a modern, international business, but still a family-owned business, giving the same care and attention to its products and customers as Hermanus did himself.

·         While the traditional Dutch stroopwafel is large enough to sit on your coffee cup, Daelmans also bakes miniature stroopwafels in resealable bags for snacking!


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